Okay, here’s the goal: Feed our family of 6 for the month of September with $360. Okay, to be fair, one of the six eats approximately one strawberry and/or one broccoli spear for the entire day. And to be even more honest, I actually have $400 in the grocery budget. But I have plans for that extra $40, which we’ll get to later…

There are some changes we’re gearing up for here in the Ward household, and we’re preparing for these changes by upping our efforts to save, save, save. In the last few months, I’ve been spending between $600 and $800 *gasp* a month on groceries, so we’re in for some changes. And I want to do it without sacrificing too many of the healthy choices we’ve been making (i.e. the raw milk is here to stay).

If I can make it spending $360 or less, that extra $40 will be used for a gallon of coconut oil. I’m out, and I love it. It seems a fitting reward.

Next post will be what I’ve done for the last few days (Sept 1-3) and after that, an inventory of what I’m working with. Because after all, the more I use of what I have, the more I can save.

I’m excited about the journey… Ready to get started?