Breakfast on Day 4 was not one of my favorites, but it is something the kids love – Grit Casserole…
I ground the grits (i.e. popcorn) in my Nutrimill, threw them in the boiling water, added a few eggs and a dash of Parmesan cheese. I *usually* use cheddar, but we’re out, and I’m really trying to not buy things. And on top of that, we are cheese fiends around here, and I really think we could benefit in multiple ways from cutting down on it.

[Cheese bunny trail completed – back to grit casserole]

The heat of the grits cooks the eggs, and it’s decent. Definitely better with bacon. But what isn’t??

Now, for the highlight of our day……… LUNCH!

For lunch today, we enjoyed a buffet of multiple varieties of sausage, shrimp salad, biscuits, various cheeses and crackers, roasted garlic bread (warm from the oven) with a generous slathering of butter, and we finished it all off with a delicious apple strudel.

That’s right folks, we were treated to this scrumptious lunch, courtesy of….
(Gotta love those samples!!!)
(And I bought only a baby shower gift – no food – at CostCo – miracles never cease!)

Finally, for dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful salad of grilled chicken, organic spring mix, sliced red peppers and cucumber, sprinkled with feta cheese (I did say we were cutting back the cheese, didn’t I????) and lightly dressed in a red wine vinegar/sunflower oil dressing (homemade of course).


I had everything on hand… It was a good day 🙂

Total Spent Today: $0.00
Remaining: $326.20