This morning for breakfast we enjoyed veggie pancakes from the vita-mix. Basically, I take the buttermilk pancake recipe (doubled, of course) and throw in a couple of carrots and a handful of spinach. And the kids devour them. And ask for more. And, yes, they know about the veggies.

We’re out of maple syrup…

(Side note: I’m a syrup snob – it has to be real maple syrup – I just can’t stand the thought of feeding my kids the high fructose corn syrup-laden pancake syrups)

…so I made a blackberry syrup in the vita-mix:

3 cups frozen blackberries

3/4 c. sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

Run on high for 3-4 minutes…yummy!

Pancakes with Blackberry Syrup

Was it a hit? You decide…

Ethan with Blackberry SyrupJudah with Blackberry Syrup

The rest of today will consist of leftover soup from Thursday (day3) for lunch, and whatever Brent cooks up for dinner for the kids… I’m going to a baby shower, and there is sure to be food there 🙂