I posted a facebook status today:

Am I being governed by my day, or is my day being governed by me?

I can’t really take credit for the question. Nope. Credit must go to my amazing husband, who is far more self-disciplined than I.  I’ve been pondering the question a lot though, as I realized immediately when he said it, that by and large, I allow my day to govern me. I go from one thing to another on a whim. Yes, I have ideas of what I would like to accomplish in a day, but I never have a plan as to how I’m going to accomplish said goals. And more often than not, this means that I do not accomplish what I wanted to do.

Usually, it’s the little things that fall to the wayside. While writing this post, I’m waiting for Zachary to wake up from his nap so that we can run some important errands. But while I wait, I’m not productive. I’m not accomplishing anything. Because in my mind, the errands are the important thing to do today. And so I wait. I wait until I can do the most important thing, and the little, lesser things don’t get done. Things like the dishes. Things like picking up the toys. It occurs to me that if I had emptied and loaded the dishwasher when I first got up, the dishes would be clean right now. But they are not. I only now emptied and reloaded it. It’s a little pathetic, in all honesty.

So I’m going to start being more purposeful. I’m going to make a plan and accomplish my plan. I’m going to govern my day.  I’m not bringing glory to God in the way I spend my time and my days, and I want that to change. Because if I’m not bringing glory to God, what exactly am I doing?