I woke up this morning thinking about this book:

Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman

Raising Olives had posted about it a couple of days ago, and so I was considering how it might be a great organizational tool in our home. It has practical tips on everything from meal planning to stain removal, but it goes far beyond these practicalities to the heart of what managing a large family is truly about. Here’s a quote that Raising Olives offered from the book:

Motherhood is a life of sacrifice; it is a life poured out for our children. So what are we to do to get some space from it all? When we are honest with ourselves, we know that it is not “Me Time” we need or a “Girls’ Night Out”. Children are not a burden to escape or endure; they are a blessing that drives us to Christ because we are incapable of parenting well without Him. God is who we need. While there are helpful strategies we can employ in order to have a more peaceful day with our children, the number one thing we must do is to deny Self and cling to the cross. ~Kim Brenneman, Large Family Logistics

That about sums it up and I could always use more help in this area. So I’d love to win this. And she’s giving away TWO copies, one for you and one for me, so head on over to Large Family Logistics Giveaway at Raising Olives and enter for yourself.