Yesterday was Judah’s 3rd birthday. We celebrated by going to Red Hot & Blue for lunch.  His pick, because he likes the pigs playing guitars. We followed that up with a venture into Chuck E. Cheese. Two hours of fun for $10.00 – you can’t beat that!

Fun at Chuck E. Cheese

We got him his very own flashlight that he got to pick out himself. Emily and Ethan had each blessed Judah with some of their toys that they no longer play with. Also, Ethan passed on the treasured Lightning McQueen sweatshirt. I love that their hearts are becoming generous and that they get joy from giving, not just receiving. They get that from their Daddy, and it warms my heart to see.

Yesterday also marked a huge milestone for Judah. For a month or so now, we’ve been building up the fact that turning 3 means you’re a big boy, so you no longer need “mommy milk”. So yesterday morning, he had his last nursing. He was very proud of himself even announcing to others that he was a big boy now, and so there was no more mommy milk for him. This morning was a different story. It was hard, but we got through it with the help of a little chocolate milk 🙂

Thank goodness for Daddy, because my nurturing mommy heart would have caved. I think I cried as much as Judah did. To me, it feels as though I’m not just taking away a source of nourishment, but that I’m taking away a part of me. I know that’s not the case, but our relationship IS changing, and I just have to find different ways to nurture him as he continues to grow and mature into the man of God he is destined to be.

Weaning is a right of passage which many children are forced to go through far too early in life. I’m proud of the three years he received, and I’ve seen how he has become such a secure, confident and healthy child because of this gift.

Happy Birthday sweet Judah!